The new portable “billboard”

This is the new business card. It took a little bit of wavering back and forth, and several re-designs, but, in the end, I am satisfied the way they turned out.

They were designed and printed by a company in Hampshire, U.K. I have just received them, but I already have new designs and mediums (hmmm…metal) rolling around in my head.

I know, with so many things that need to be completed, I need to give this part a rest and move on to more pressing items.

The New Billboard



Dig'i'tized Op'tics - 1. Digital conversion of a mind stimulating spectrum of light - 2. Creative and artistic optical transformation - 3. Electromagnetic spectrum taken "outside the box" - 4. A sliver of time that has been documented for eternity Photography and Videography for: - MODELING - NON-URBAN TERRAIN - NOCTURNAL LIGHT PAINTING - RUINS
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