What Causes People To Do Something Evil?

In Franklin, N.C., we are lucky to have the Little Tennessee River Greenway; a trail, and collection of parks and playgrounds, that run through town.

One of the ways I try to give back to our community, is to volunteer time working on the Greenway. I clean the restrooms, and surrounding playgrounds/parking lots at both Big Bear Park and Tassee Park. It only takes an hour or two each morning. One of the biggest rewards is when a visitor goes out of their way to find me, and thank me for everything I do to help keep the Greenway maintained.

When I arrived today, I thought it would be just another day of maintenance. It was not long before I was informed that one of the restrooms had been vandalized. It turned out to be one of the two restrooms at Tassee Park. Someone, during the evening, had ripped the porcelain sink from the wall, and smashed it to pieces.

I guess we will never truly know why a few people can be so full of hate to destroy resources designed to help visitors enjoy nature, and the beauty around them.

We will just clean up the mess, replace the sink, and take another leisurely stroll down the Greenway 🙂


Tassee Restroom Tassee Restroom 2


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