Hurricane Weekend

It was kind of a slow weekend for us. I am sure, like most people around the U.S., we were captive to watching the progression of Hurricane Irene. Thankfully, NYC did not receive nearly as much damage as they predicted. Unfortunately, a few people lost their lives.

I was able to get our website updated with our new opt-in form that allows you to subscribe to our newsletter. You can find the form on any of our site’s pages. Simply input your name, email address, and the word in the CAPTCHA Verification. You will then receive a confirmation email confirming that you wish to subscribe. Then, each time we send out a newsletter, you will automatically receive a copy. Simple!

Oh, I did get something accomplished over the weekend. On Saturday, I was able to get a picture of one of my backyard neighbors…the hummingbirds. I pulled the picnic table up close to the feeder, and sat there for TWO straight hours before getting a picture I feel is worthy of keeping. Can you say, “farmers tan”?

I will add another post and include a small thumbnail of the pic including a link so that you can see the full size.

Until then, Hang loose!



Dig'i'tized Op'tics - 1. Digital conversion of a mind stimulating spectrum of light - 2. Creative and artistic optical transformation - 3. Electromagnetic spectrum taken "outside the box" - 4. A sliver of time that has been documented for eternity Photography and Videography for: - MODELING - NON-URBAN TERRAIN - NOCTURNAL LIGHT PAINTING - RUINS
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