Meet the Neighbor

Here is the picture I was lucky enough to get of one of my backyard neighbors. She was a fast little devil! I pulled up the picnic table about 10 feet from the feeder, and waited, and waited…two hours to be exact.

The biggest problem? All of her friends wanted to play, and would chase her away as soon as she got to the “petal”.

Something I expected would happen, is that the picture would have some noise. The feeder is located under a lot of tree canopy, so it was in the shade. I had to have a large f-stop and high ISO (shutter speed: 1/2000, ISO: 1000, f/5.0).


Click here to see a larger copy.



Dig'i'tized Op'tics - 1. Digital conversion of a mind stimulating spectrum of light - 2. Creative and artistic optical transformation - 3. Electromagnetic spectrum taken "outside the box" - 4. A sliver of time that has been documented for eternity Photography and Videography for: - MODELING - NON-URBAN TERRAIN - NOCTURNAL LIGHT PAINTING - RUINS
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