Ok…So I Am Going To Deviate.

I was going to use this post as a follow-up to the last one. I was intending to get into the technical aspects of geotagging pictures. Either by using the HoudahGeo program (very easy, cheap, and excellent results),or by using an attachment I place on my camera (on the expensive side, but great results and instant as soon as you take the picture) connected to my Garmin GPSr.

But, while spending a little down time relaxing in the yard (the weather in my part of Western North Carolina was great) I gained a new friend. While sitting on the porch, I noticed a Praying Mantis had walked up next to me and appeared to be “hanging out”. I thought it would quickly run away when I moved, but, to my surprise, it did not.

So, in true photographer form, I ran inside the house and grabbed my camera. When I got back, it was still there! I took about 50 pictures from several different angels. I have never had any contact with a mantis, so I did not know how it would react to me getting close to it.

Well, not only was I able to get close to it, I think it was actually hamming it up for the camera! After the impromptu shoot, I decided I had enough to have at least one good picture.

I ran inside, yes…actually ran, and quickly downloaded them to my laptop. I wanted to quickly scroll through them to make sure I had a keeper. If not, I was going to go back out and take more. I had a good one, so I was/am happy!

Ok, next time I will post the previously promised post.

Until then, Hang Loose!



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