Soaring Through The Clouds!

Yesterday, despite tropical storm Lee creating a crappy day, I decided to go with my parents on a hiking/picnic outing. I was kind of in the mood to take some pictures, so I thought I would take advantage.

We live in Western North Carolina, so we are very close to the Appalachian Trail; know locally as the “AT”. Our first stop was the fire tower located on the top of Alberts Mountain (35.052579° N, 83.477426° W). The AT runs right along the base of the tower. You are able to climb up the tower’s steps, but you are greeted by a locked wooden hatch keeping you from actually getting into the building on top. Still, you are able to get a 360 degree view from a mile above sea level.

After walking down the AT to the parking lot, we decided to make our picnic a tailgate “party” and ate lunch out of the back of the SUV. Next, we drove to a popular lookout spot called Pickens Nose (35.022393° N, 83.458305° W). It is a large rock jetting out over a valley.

There is a path that leads from the parking lot to the rock. After about an hour walking the path (I stopped several times to take pictures…of course), we finally came to Pickens Nose. The storm had caused us to walk right into the clouds. It was actually very interesting. So interesting, that I used the video feature on my 7D to take a small clip of the clouds passing up the valley and around us.

Because the clouds totally obscured our view of the valley, we are going to have to make another visit. But, that is fine with me. I can think of a lot of pictures I would like to take of the area.

Until next time, Hang Loose!

Here is a copy of the video;



Dig'i'tized Op'tics - 1. Digital conversion of a mind stimulating spectrum of light - 2. Creative and artistic optical transformation - 3. Electromagnetic spectrum taken "outside the box" - 4. A sliver of time that has been documented for eternity Photography and Videography for: - MODELING - NON-URBAN TERRAIN - NOCTURNAL LIGHT PAINTING - RUINS
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