Just A Quick Update

Only because I was talking about how I geotag my photos, I thought I would update you on my new GPSr.

My new receiver is the Garmin® GPSmap 62s™. After it arrived, I added a PNY® 4GB MicroSD card. I know, I am a SanDisk® man, but that is all that was available at my local store (Welcome to Franklin, WNC!), and I could not wait!

Garmin® recommends you do not go over 4GB. From experience, I know all too well the problems you get if you do. It locks-up your receiver, and you have to CONSTANTLY power cycle it…something you get tired of very quickly!

So that I can also use it for Geocaching, I added the optional Garmin® service “Birdseye™ Satellite Imagery“. The service costs $29.99USD a year. Even if you decide not to renew your subscription after one year, you keep all of the satellite images you downloaded during your active subscription.

It is kind of cool. You can upload to your receiver satellite images using the free Garmin® software “BaseCamp™”. So far, I have only added a couple of satellite images of my area, just to play around. I know, again the geeky side of me shows through!

Not to get away from the receivers use for geotagging, but Garmin® has also released a device called, “Chirp™“. It is used for Geocaching by attaching it to your cache, with a MSRP of $22.99USD. It transmits info about the cache when you get close. The downside, it will only work with a Garmin® GPSr receiver that has wireless abilities. But, shame on you for not having one! 😉

You know me, I have already been placing “dummy” caches to test it. So far, I am very impressed!

Ok, enough rambeling…especially with info that is not totally photography related.

Until next time, Hang Loose!


The GPSmap™ 62s and Chirp™:


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