Who’s Getting Sand Kicked In Their Face Now?

© Ryan Pfluger

I have aways been more interested in photographing slim/toned guys, instead of the typical muscle guy. You know the muscle type. The guy that spends all of his free-time in the gym lifting heavy weights, grunting and screaming, to build a totally out of proportion body (my impression) he probably thinks “impresses” the girls…or probably feeds his ego; only speculation on my part. All of my working out is performed at home using free-weights and my body…hence…toned (umm…I have been kind of slacking…umm).

A lot (ok, more than fifty percent) of the muscle guys I meet are stuck on themselves, and think everyone wants to see them…including photographers. But, not me, and I was afraid I was going to start having a hard time finding slim/toned guys that are willing to model. (Calvin Klein, where are your pushing the edge ads? …where is the guy that helped shape me?!)

A couple of days ago, I was thumbing through a stack of my ever growing collection of magazines (I almost caused an avalanche) to see the technics ad photographers use; both past and present. To my surprise, I found an article written by Joshua David Stein (“Out”, May 2010, page 26).

The gist of the story; “mass is out; svelte is in”! Can you see the smile on my face?! The story even went on to say that guys trying to build the muscle rippling body, might as well stop wasting their time, money, and energy.

Unfortunately, as we all know, everything is cyclical. So, I guess (hopefully not in the near future), the whole muscle thing will eventually come back. Case in point; guys were shaving off all of their body hair…now body hair is becoming a popular look.

Just that thought is making my smile turn upside down. But, even though hair is starting to become the “in thing”, at least the guys are still slim/toned. So, I guess I can overlook the hair…just as long as the guys stay svelte!

I am not the norm, as any of my friends will so quickly tell you, so I will keep photographing svelte guys…be damned the tend! The change might be a good thing. It will distinguish me from the “box-full” of follow-the-trend photographers.

Fans listen up (the whole two of you…one is me;)…worry not. In photography, money has never been my motivator. My mind will always stay the same, and it is totally out of the box 😉

Hang loose!


– The photo at the top of this post accompanied the article by Joshua David Stein. The name of the model is unknown 😦


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